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Students in classes are forced to work in teams while some are mismatched, do not want to take responsibility, or are afraid to be judged. The ideal workspace for creatives is a place that runs on design students for design students. An app to elevate conversations, collaborate, get feedback, and have experience that resonates with every step of bringing ideas to life.  This is Chamber.

Other apps like Milanote, Basecamp, or Google Doc are limited to only  organizations but not with building a community. Instagram, Dribble or Behance can be distractive, not tailored for design students, and require us to toggle between different apps to be able to share our work and  find people who share the same stories and backgrounds. Chamber is not a class, but a community where students are not alone, and innovations come to life. A one-stop solution and a safe place for intimate engagement for students to pick their own teammates, learn organization, giving feedback, sharing works, getting hands-on experience, and most of all, having the liberty to work on projects of their choice.

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Users who upload projects for feedback are required to add a project brief, and are able to pick the categories they would like to get feedback on. After swiping down to read the brief, swiping up will allow rating the designs' effectiveness, so giving and receiving feedback is taught in a fun way. 


Landing page includes users' profiles, designs waiting for feedback,
chambers, upcoming events, and tools to earn more points

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