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As kids, the sight of different cars at shows or on the streets had a huge impact on how we came to love cars. Using research and in-depth analysis, Dash-Art Magazine is an approach towards showcasing the ways art and the technology for cars intersect and evolve, while showing off the latest and most pressing topics that deal with cars.


Each magazine is a one of a kind collectible piece. A wonderful experience of cars for enthusiasts and kids who are the future of the car industry. Containing a wide variety of stickers, a cover that can be cut out into a poster for framing, and games for the whole family. We are creating a desire to buy the magazine in a time where print is being surpassed.

Art Direction: Or Szyflingier | Copywriting: Keon Johnson

Front Cover.jpg
Dash Art_Logo.png
Dash Art_Single3.jpg
Diavel and Lambo_No Background.png
Diavel and Lambo_Spread__No Background.p

Where Swiss Design and Grunge Meet.

Ferrari and Lembo.jpg
Hummer Spread.jpg
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