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The SoHo Memory Project

The SoHo Memory Project documentary is a story about the neighborhood of SoHo in New York City and its transformation from once warehouse artist district during the 1960s to now a commercialized upscale hub of fashion, retail, and food. Through footage, photos, and archival material from neighborhood residents, Soho native Yukie Ohta articulates the importance of archiving SoHo’s past to better reflect its future. The film is told through Ohta’s experiences growing up in Soho to starting a memory project that preserves the history of the neighborhood and acts as a model for other parts of the city experiencing gentrification.

The project was directed by Or Szyflingier, and has garnered praise and recognition at multiple film festivals.

Director: Or Szyflingier | Editors: Gabriela Martinez and Natasha Yee | Producer: Melanie Martinez | Camera: Jonathan Baez | Motion Designer: Hoa Vu | Production Assistant: Anna Sedova 

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